Anyone can be irresistible. Really. All you need is massive health, a fun-filled life, loads of confidence and a little beauty know-how.

Fortunately, author, style expert and holistic health counselor, Stephanie Pedersen offers this know-how in generous amounts. Pedersen tells you exactly how to be beautiful, challenging the conventional belief that good looks and personal style are things you are born with.

Pedersen’s friendly, funny, yet compassionate voice has won her fans among women who want to look better and be better than they ever thought possible. “I have spent my career as both a holistic health counselor and a beauty and health journalist dedicated to researching and writing about ways to look and feel your best. Like many of you, I have a husband, children, pets, a nine-to-five job, volunteer work, friends, and a shortage of time to do all the things I’d like to. Also like many of you, I do not have flawless skin, well-behaved hair, perfectly symmetrical features, fat-free thighs, or a makeup artist, wardrobe specialist, and hairstylist on call for when I go out. Nor do I have thousands or even hundreds of dollars to spend on my hair, face, body, and closet. I am an everyday woman who enjoys her looks, and who wants you to enjoy yours as well.”

According to Pedersen, there truly is a secret to being beautiful: “I have seen that when women work to overcome their health challenges (whether these be adrenal fatigue, lupus, brain trauma, body image issues or anything else that is compromising your wellness), they increase their irresistibility. Once you change your health, you change your looks and—as if by magic—your career, your relationships…in short, your entire life!”

In other words, being beautiful has more to do with attitude and self-care than the rigid definitions of beauty we find at the movies, on television, and in magazines. “Beauty is about life, fun, energy, pleasure, sensuality, intelligence, and individuality. “When you begin exploring what beauty is, you find that it is an intelligent and intensely personal quality,” continues Pedersen. “No matter what your features, hair type, body, or fashion sense, there are individuals who will find them beautiful.  I want one of those individuals to be you.”

Pedersen has lived in Australia and at various points across the United States. She currently resides in her adopted hometown of New York City with her husband Richard and three young sons. Her books include Handbags: What Every Woman Should Know (David & Charles Publishers), The Bra: A Thousand Years of Style, Support & Seduction (David & Charles Publishers), K.I.S.S. Guide to Beauty (DK Publishing), and the 12-volume Natural Care Library Series (DK Publishing)

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