Shoes! They’re irresistible! From ancient Egyptians to the Victorians, from the sexual revolution to Sex and the City, shoes have historically played a vital part in women’s self-image. Boots, stilettos, sandals, pumps, platforms, slingbacks–the shoe in all its fabulous forms is celebrated in Shoes: What Every Woman Should Know (David and Charles Publishers), designed for fashionistas, history buffs and, of course, shoe lovers everywhere.

Overflowing with sumptuous art, Shoes: What Every Woman Should Know, chronicles human’s love affair with shoes, be it the sandals of early woman or the platforms of King Louis’ court, the dancing shoes of the flappers or the Manolos of modern-day Vogue. In addition to history and a witty dose of social commentary, the book features amusing quotes from famous shoe lovers, as well as plenty of tips to help you with such shoe-worthy pursuits as building a perfect footwear wardrobe, caring for your precious shoes, walking in high heels, and more.

Full of awe-inspiring footwear, Shoes: What Every Woman Should Know helps you get the maximum impact from your shoes on any occasion!